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Kimberly and Joseph

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Our Story

Our story started with us working in nearby office environments. I (Joseph) would walk by and say hi when I could, but I could never be sure I heard her (Kim) say it back because her voice is so quiet. She claims she did and I believe her, but she admitted that she forgot my name after I introduced myself and just referred to me as the "beanie guy" since I always had one on.
Eventually, she moved to another part of the school where we worked and it wasn't until we were assigned to work together on a simple project that I realized I was interested in getting to know her more. So, I made it my mission to stop by her area whenever I could and eventually, with a the help of a friend, mustered the courage to ask her out on date in downtown during a gaming convention of all things.
Based on the fact you’re reading this, it is safe to assume the date went well, and after more than five year and tons of yummy food, here we are, ready to spend the rest of our lives together.
So please join us our special day to help us celebrate a life of fun and food we hope to have together!